Cooking For Flavor & Health

Whoever said that gluten-free and dairy-free foods taste like cardboard never ate in my kitchen.

After decades of eating gluten-free and dairy-free (and eating nothing with four legs for the last 45 years) I have mastered cooking many tasty and wholesome meals that are allergy-sensitive and delicious.

Did I mention that my daughter was Vegan for 6 years and is now a dairy-free pescatarian (fish only)? My cookbook is exploding with scrumptious options for every day and holiday meals for those of us who eat differently. 

I started this blog because so many people have asked me for my recipes. My cooking goals are simple: to prepare foods that are FLAVORFUL, UNCOMPLICATED, and KEEP US HEALTHY.

Uncomplicated recipes include ingredients that are healthful but also don’t cost a million dollars, or take all day to prepare. For example, I try to offer options like using frozen veggies, instead of cutting everything fresh, to save you time and energy.

I am always learning and experimenting, so please, come on this food journey with me. Eating right is not a choice for me, it is my life, it is my medicine. 

Feel free to leave me your comments on the recipe posts or on the Facebook page. It would be great to hear from you. 

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. I hope you love to eat good food as much as I love to cook it. – LORIAN

The best way to use the site is to search on the right sidebar either by category or for a particular recipe you may want or just scroll through the Recipe Index. I add new stuff all the time. This site is not fancy, so I don’t have lots of printing or other widgets to help you, sorry. I want to get you the information, first and foremost. But if enough people are interested, I can upgrade to a fancy cooking blog. Let me know which recipes work for you and if you modified them. Thanks and stay well and eat well.